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wad fixer


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wad fixer by colin Grigson

To run this utility first extract both bat files to your windows/temp directory.

Before running WADfixINSTALL.bat make sure that the WADS that are in your TRLE/GRAPHICS/WADS, and the txt versions of your script and english in your TRLE/SCRIPT folders are the clean versions. If necessary re-install the files from your CD using custom install. If you have updated the WADS or added New ones then make sure these are in their clean version in your WADS folder.

Now run WADfixINSTALL, this will copy all WAD files and english and script.txt to new folders as well as installing the WADFixer program.

Now whenever you wish to return to the clean WADS, simply double click WADFixer and they will be restored along with a clean script and english.dat.

This readme and the associated programs were written by Colin Grigson May, 2001 for


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