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WADMerger 1.7 Beta - Readme


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Wadmerger By Michiel

WADMerger 1.7 Beta - Readme


WADMerger is a tool to copy WAD objects from one WAD to an other and export/import textures.

v1.7 (Beta)
- WADMerger now support TR levels too
- Many bugs fixed
- Can load/save/clear meshes

- Can import meshes that are extracted by TR2WAD
- If you import an object that is already in the WAD, you will be asked if you
want to delete it.

- Fixed a bug and created a new one with the textures.
- Added a menu structure with about box and settings window.
- Added suppost for exporting textures as BMP (But you can't import it)

- Export and import moveables (lots of bugs, see bugs at the bottom)
- Fixed some bugs

- Export and import textures from all objects to a small RAW file (I'm working on
exporting it to another format). The raw file contains textures in RGB format,
256*256 pixels for a tile (it can contain more than one tile). If you export lara,
all her animations and guns will be exported too. It creates 3 tiles (256*768)

- Export static meshes to share your new and edited meshes. It will create a file from
about 200 KB, but you can ZIP it to a very small size. You can import them back using
- Couloured meshes bug fixed. Coloured meshes can be copied now.
- Tile overlap bug fixed. Texture tiles won't overlap anymore.

- Copy Static Meshes with textures
- Fixed bug with object names
- Can save files with differend name

By Michiel

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