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Texture Edit version 1.5.1


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Texture Edit version 1.5.1 Readme file: by John F Jones

Texture Edit version 1.5.1 Readme file:

Copyright (C) John F Jones, 2001
All rights reserved

This document provides complimentary or late-breaking information
to supplement the Texture Edit 1.5.1 documentation. Please read
this file carefully as it contains important information about
Texture Edit that may not be contained within any of the other

Texture Description
What's New in 1.5.1?
- TGA Support
- Double Size the Selected Tile
- Use the Windows Clipboard
- Extended Colour Palete
- Support for GIF and JPG Formats
- New Annimation Viewer
Program Requirements
Preparing Your Hard Drive
- If you have an older version of Texture Edit
Known Issues
Additional Help

Texture Edit Description
Texture Edit is a Windows program that assists in the creation of
texture tile sets for use with the Tomb Raider Level Editor.
Complying with the 64x64 tile requirements the program
automatically snaps to tiles to allow for copying into new texture
tile sets.

What's New in 1.5.1?
Texture Edit 1.5.1 doesnt just fix bugs from the last version of the
program but includes many new features and additions that have been
requested by you, the user. One of the first major differences you
will notice is the interface of the program, Buttons have been made
larger and placed in sub sections relevant to their use so theres
no more wondering which canvas that Load Source Image button will
load into.

TGA Support
Texture Edit is now able to read and write to the truevision targa
format. A big thanks goes out to Chris MacDonald for helping me to
make the tga support happen.

Double Size the Selected Tile
Those 64x64 square tiles can be diffucult to view and even more
diffucult to check for alignment errors. Now with the double size
window you can see if tiles overlap and correct issues using the
Precise Selection option. No more straining those eyes.

Use the Windows Clipboard
The program now has support for the Windows Clipboard. Copy tiles
and open them up into your favourite draiwing package for editing
before Pasting them back into the program.

Extended Colour Palete
The colour palete has now been extended to include more then twice
the colours of the last version of the program.

Support for GIF and JPG Formats
The program now has support for reading in both GIF and JPG Images
so no image is safe from becomming a texture in your level.

New Animation Viewer
View animation ranges as how they would within the game. Check to
ensure theres no problems before loading your texture in the Level

Program Requirements
Texture Edit version 1.5.1 is written in Visual Basic 6 and therefore
requires the Visual Basic 6 Runtime files. The required files
should have been supplied in the distribution file.

NOTE: If you are running Windows ME, the Visual Basic 6 Runtimes
does not need to be installed as they are already included with
Windows ME. Also if you have a later version of any of these files
it is recommended that you keep the ones you already have.

Preparing Your Hard Drive
To ensure that the installation of Texture Edit is trouble free, you
should check to see that your hard drive and file system are both in
good working order and are tuned for optimum performance. Windows
95/98/Me comes with two utility programs that find and fix errors and
optimize your hard drives perfromance. The first of these programs
is called ScanDisk. ScanDisk will check you hard drive for problems
and is capable of fixing any that it finds. You can run ScanDisk by
first clicking on the START button from the Windows 95/98/Me Taskbar,
followed by Programs, then Accessories, then System Tools, and finally

Once ScanDisk has finished running, you should next optize your hard
dirves performance by running a program called Disk Defragmenter.
You can run Disk Defragmenter by clicking on the START button from
the Windows 95/98/Me Taskbar, followed by Programs, then Accessories,
then System Tools, and finally DIsk Defragmenter. For further
information on these two utilitys you should consult you Windows
95/98/Me documentation.

If you have an older version of Texture Edit
Although there are no known compatability issues between version 1.5.1
of Texture Edit and older versions of the software it is recommded,
as a precaution, that you first remove fully any previous versions of
the program before installation.

Known Issues
There are no known issues at this time. To report any bugs you
encounter through the use of Text Edit then please visit the web
site address listed below and complete a problem report.

Additional Help:
For more information on Texture Edit, please visit:

From the web site, you can search the site, submit problem reports
and feature requests, download updates to the software, and read
additional product documentation.

I hope you enjoy Texture Edit 1.5.1
John F Jones

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