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TBuilder v1.3.2


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TBuilder v1.3.2 by John Dodis

TBuilder v1.3.2 1/14/2001

NOTE:Do NOT delete opt.cfg

This version is almost identical to 1.3.1
Many of you have noticed a serious bug in the saving routine which prevented you from
loading the saved file again in TBuilder!I wouldn't have noticed that without your help
since the saved file was loading ok in TRLE but refused to load ONLY in TBuilder, so
the problem appeared if you wanted to re-edit your texture set.
This bug is removed now and i hope it's the last!


The process is simple:Open an existing texture set.Click on a tile,you'll see the selected
tile in the top of the window.Click anywhere on the target(empty)image to place the tile.
Repeat the same for the any other desired tile(s).Once finished open another image and repeat the same process.You can open as many images you want.When you're happy with the
result save your file.You can always come back later to re-edit your texture set if you
don't like something.
If you want to modify a tile,select it and press the 'Copy to Clipboard' button.Now open
your favorite paint program and press Ctrl+V.Aplly any modifications or filters and when
finished press Ctrl+C.Go back to TBuilder and press the 'Paste from Clipboard' button.
The selected tile is now the modified version.If you want TBuilder to launch your paint
program automaticaly every time it runs,goto the options dialog ,check the checkbox
and enter its path.

Visit for updates

John Dodis (ImmortalX)

For comments,suggestions,bugs contact me:

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