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TR2WAD 1.3 Beta 2 - Readme


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TR2WAD 1.3 Beta 2 by Michiel

TR2WAD 1.3 Beta 2 - Readme

TR2WAD is a program to make WAD and TGA files from TR1-5 levels.


v1.3 Beta 2
- Fixed bug in TGA export
- Fixed rotation bug in TR1-3

v1.3 Beta
- TR2&3 supported, TR1 not testes yet
- Save as a WAD file (compatible with other WAD editors)
- Save textures as TGA file (can be loaded in level editor)

- TR5 files support
- TR1-3 disables, it still don't work
- Can view meshes in 3D (doesn't work very good yet)
- Can export meshes only (like Lara models)

- Export as a TRWAD file, not a WAD file (requires WADMerger)
- Can read TR1-3 levels, but can't export

You can view the list of objects and a 3D preview (disabled in v1.3). You can export it
to a TRWAD file and import that using WADMerger. You can also export it as a WAD. These WADs
don't have the object names from TR1-3, but it's compatible with all other WAD editors.
You can save the textures from the rooms as a TGA file that can be loaded in the level editor.

- Textures not flipped correclty.
- 3D view doesn't work yet.

Good luck


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