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read me text
by Stefan Schneid

The author of this program is NOT responsible for any damages
which could be caused by the use of this program.
The use of this program is at your own risk.
This program is freeware and can be given away as it is,
with all files and all documentations.
The use on CD-ROM's or any other media for distribution
is prohibited and needs the ok from the author.

SoundJack! doesn't write ANY entries into the registry.

SoundJack! only runs under Windows '95.


This is a Beta Version, don't expect too much.

Version 0.2


- added 2 new buttons: play next/play previews
- added a progressbar
- added a description for TR2 Main.sfx and TR3 cdaudio.wad wavs
(thanks to eep for the Tomb Raider 2 Main.sfx descriptions)
You can add more decriptions into the wavs.txt file - Soundjack!
will load & display it.
- added a tool to extract the textdescription from cdaudio.wad

Version 0.11


- a new search routine. This routine works well with the CDaudio.wad
and main.sfx files. For other files use the old search method.

first Release Version 0.1

SoundJack! can:
- play TR1/UB/TR2/TR3/TR demo sounds
- save it as Wav-file


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