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Please read.
You are encouraged to visit each tool author's site the for the download of each tool. This is to help insure fairness to the authors as well as our users, as this guarantees you will receive the latest release and latest information for each tool. The tools available here are intended for back up purposes and for the hope of one day achieving a complete tools archive.
Thank you. -robbase T.R.T.B.
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for download and important Info.

This amazing tool is improving in leaps and bounds with each revision. Recent improvements include:

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  • collision info data support.
  • Triangular faces supported and properly rendered.
  • Apply opaques, semitransparent and transparent textures to your object.
  • DXf layer names expanded for triangular face support

Easy Life by Colin Grigson

a DOS application that makes dat files from your script.txt and moves them to the right folders.

by Colin Grigson

another handy DOS app from Colin. This will restore your wads and script back to their original state.

TRWEST V1.0 by Mike Jelarcic

TR wad editing studio you can use this amazing program to create your own custom wads by moving objects from one to another.
N / A

TRWEST V2.0 by Mike Jelarcic

Load The Last Revelation and Times Exclusives level files as wad data.
script.dat and english.dat decompiler.
Minor fixes to texture and sound processing
.WAS processing was relaxed so you can now load wads edited by other applications.

strpix V2.0 by Turbo Pascal

this little number will allow you to extract texture maps from wad files saving them as bitmaps. You can edit them in your favorite paint program, and save them back to wad.

N / A

strpix V3.0 by Turbo Pascal

Quite a jump from version 2 strpix now allows you to export the mesh as a dfx file to be edited in any one of several compatible cad programs, or replaced with your own objects. Also allows texture remaping, and you can find those elusive textures with a click of the mouse.

WADMerger V1.7beta by Michiel

This is a tool to copy WAD objects from one WAD to another as well as export/import textures.
TR2WAD V1.3beta 2
by Michiel

TR2WAD is a program to make WAD and TGA files from TR1-5 levels.

Texture Edit v 1.5.1 by John F Jones
Texture Edit assists in the creation of
texture tile sets for use with the Tomb Raider Level Editor.
Complying with the 64x64 tile requirements the program
automatically snaps to tiles to allow for copying into new texture
tile sets.

Texture Edit v 2.01
by John F Jones
new fetures include: tiale rotation, aclick and drag method to replace the earlyer pricice tile line up method, plus many more. please view the read me.
TBuilder v1.3.1
by John Dodis

This new version supports direct tga loading/saving.
No need to convert tga to bmp with external programs anymore.
Just load any tga image(has to be 24bit uncompressed),work as usual
and save again in tga.
TBuilder v1.3.2
by John Dodis

a serious bug in the saving routine which prevented you from loading the saved file again in Tbuilder has been fixed.
by Stefan schneid
(The father of TR. editing)

Jack! "the Tomb Raider
texture riper" extracts
texture from early
TR games.

by Stefan schneid

this program rips
sound files from early
TR games, and saves them
as .wav files.

by Stefan schneid

views the meshdata of TR1/UB/2/3 levels as wireframe objects.