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Just a little bit about this page and how it all started. A little over 11 weeks ago I knew absolutely nothing about HTML. I was however working on my first Tomb Raider level (still in production), and came to a point where I felt completely burnt out on level design and so I decided to look for a new project. I've been around to many of the T.R. sites out there (many such as this on free servers) and would often see adds stating that one could build a web site in minutes using there on line tools. I thought I should check this out, and did in fact build a site in about 20 minuets called Tomb Raiders Unite. Needless to say it was worthless ( what can one really do in 20 minuets knowing nothing about HTML?). I think that I made a good choice by killing it before anyone could see it. Shortly after that I began working on the fist version of this site. Still ignorant of HTML I was ovcourse very limited in what I could do. However about 2 months ago I began studying, reading and writing the code. I must say this language Is really quite simple to understand. In 2 months time I feel very comfortable writing HTML and have been branching out into other web languages including Java script, DHTML, XML, and CSS, All of which are represented on this site.

If you are considering to make a web site I must advise you to study HTML. Yes there are many editors out there which can in fact make things easier and faster but if you are using a program to write the code for you, in the end all you have leaned is how to use a program.

If it is any inspiration to you, this site is an example of what a rookie can do.

-Rob Base, T.R.T.B