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News / Updates

  • (6/23/01 ) Launched the new layout. This new format is highly optimized for 1024x768 screen res and I.E.5+, the next update will include an alternate frame set which will be formatted for 800x600. It will use many of the same HTML documents but will use rows instead of columns with a left to right dropdown navigation bar along the top frame.
  • Netscape users are out of luck, I'm sorry but I refuse to design for what I consider to be an inferior browser. My advice is to pick up your free copy of I.E5.5 (here)
  • Returning users will notice some new content as well as a few missing features. I assure you all pervious content will be restored a.s.a.p. I simply could not see delaying this update any longer, and I am presently working on the new format.
  • If you like what you see here, pleas support this site by casting your vote. (follow the links under navigation)
  • Thank you all for coming by, I hope you enjoy your stay

-Rob Base, T.R.T.B